Cost Comparison Chart - Outdoor Wood Furnaces

"Wood Heating Cost is Only 7% of Electric Heating Cost"

The amount of heat created or used is measured in BTU's. An average home uses 200,000,000 BTU's of total energy for heating per year. This includes 25% usage for the heating of domestic water. Based on this total consumption, the following amounts of fuel would be required to produce 200,000,000 BTU's.

Heating Method BTU's Per Unit Annual Requirements Cost Per Unit Total Annual Cost
Electricity 3,413 /kilowatt hr 58,600 $0.08 $4,688
Propane 24,200 /litre 8,264 $0.89 $7,380
Fuel Oil 36,300 /litre 5,509 $0.54 $2,947
Natural Gas 35,301 /cubic metre 5,665 $0.21 $1,207
Wood (Birch) 23,400,000 /cord 8.5 $75.00 $638


  • The above prices are in Canadian funds.
  • Adjust the price per unit to reflect current local costs.
  • The above costs are not standard across Canada.

Wood is a Renewable Resource!